KICS is the repository of technological innovation and ICT knowledge convergence

KICS publishes outstanding papers as a knowledge platform and the primary channel that introduces new research outcomes, technologies, and industrial trends in the information and communications field.

Information and Communication Magazine

A monthly magazine that covers the latest issues in the information and communications field and is comprehensibly written by experts.

The Information and Communications Magazine, launched in 1984, selects the latest topics in the ICT field every month and introduces them to non-experts in a comprehensible form. Members and member companies are provided complimentary copies in hardcopy and e-book formats. It also includes valuable information on domestic and international conferences, exhibition schedules, and KICS news.

Open Lecture

A superlative lecture designed to deliver professional skills regarding information and communication to the public in a readily comprehensible manner.

The Open Lecture is an exceptional lecture series that are published to deliver professional information and communication field skills in a more comprehensible form in attempts to promote the ICT trends. The Open Lectures are widely distributed to academic staffs, industries, university libraries, research institutes, broadcasting stations and newspapers, and other related organizations.

The Journal of KICS (J-KICS)

A reputable domestic journal with the longest history in information and communications

The Journal of KICS, published since 1976, is a distinguished National Research Foundation (NRF)-registered journal with the longest history in the field of information and communication. In particular, it specializes in topics related to information and communications, networks, and convergence technologies. The J-KICS comprises general and specialissue papers with materials on communication theory and systems, networks and services, ICT-based convergence technologies, and implementation papers.

Journal of Communications and Networks (JCN)

World-renowned international journal with 20-year history, that has been listed in Science Citation Index (SCI).

The Journal of Communications and Networks (JCN), founded in 1999, is a 20-year-old world-renowned journal, listed in IEEE Xplore digital library. It is comparable to the world’s top journals such as IEEE Transactions on Communications, thanks to its excellence in publications, editors’ global reputation, efficient publication process, and publicity.

ICT Express

Open access journal to disseminate the latest research outcomes in the ICT convergence field

ICT Express is an open access journal published quarterly by Elsevier, a world-renowned academic publishing company, designed to disseminate the latest ICT convergence knowledge and information. In particular, it introduces the latest ICT convergence technologies essential for the fourth industrial revolution and has recently been listed in Scopus, the world's largest abstract and citation database.

KICS Webzine

Online magazine that circulate the latest ICT information

KICS Webzine, launched in 2011 and published four times a year, circulates the latest information in the ICT field online regarding research institutes, new books, papers, conference attendees, and standardization trends. In addition, as a membership service, it also provides online video tutorials on the latest convergence technologies and video presentations of major events.