As the leader of ICT development,
we stand together with pride

KICS recognizes leaders, who have contributed to R&D and technological development in the ICT fields, presents various academic and technical awards, and organizes diverse competitions to promote active research and development environments.

Haedong Awards (Academic Award, Technology Award, Young Researcher Award)

Since 2005, sponsored by the Haedong Foundation (President Kim Jeong Sik), KICS offers Academic Award to researchers with the best research achievements in the ICT field, Haedong Technology Award to researchers with technological development achievements, and Haedong Young Researcher Award to promising researchers under the age of 40 with top-notch research achievements (total prize money: 50,000 US Dollars).

Dr. Irwin Jacobs Award

Dr. Irwin Jacobs Award, sponsored by Qualcomm since 2014, has been awarded to researchers who have contributed to the industry and academia in the domestic ICT field (total prize money: 40,000 US Dollars).

KICS International Awards

Various international awards are offered to strengthen the international status of the society and promote global cooperation. KICS and IEEE jointly award JCN Best Paper Award by selecting the best paper in the Journal of Communications and Networks (JCN), which is an international journal published by KICS. KICS and IEEE also jointly select members who have contributed to strengthening cooperation between KICS and IEEE, and award them the IEEE ComSoC텸ICS Global Exemplary Services Award. ICT Express Best Paper Award is awarded by selecting the best paper presented in ICT Express, which is an international open access journal published by KICS. ICTC Best Paper Award and APCC Paper Award are awarded to the authors of the best papers at the annual international conferences organized by KICS.

KICS Paper Award & Achievement Award

The best papers published in the Journal of KICS and presented in the three domestic conferences are awarded the Paper Awards. In addition, members who have contributed to the development of the society are awarded the Achievement Awards.

Undergraduate Paper Competition

The purpose of the paper competition is to promote the interests of undergraduate students in the field of information and communication technology and grant them an opportunity to publish and present their research outcomes. We also encourage undergraduate research activities by awarding outstanding outcomes.

Muhan Sangsang Invention Competition

In cooperation with the National Science Museum, we annually organize a competition to nurture talents in the field of information and communications and inspire creativity in daily life.