Instructions for Authors

The growth in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector has exploded over the past 20 years. This technology advancement enables portable devices to be always connected while supporting high data rate, resulting in the recent popularity of smartphones that have a considerable impact in economic and social development. The high processing capability and the ubiquitous connectivity of recent communication devices allow telecommunication technology to be converged with other industry sectors, such as healthcare, automobile, transportation, entertainment, building architecture, and energy. This convergence in ICT opens up great opportunities for new services and applications, which can lead to economic growth with a wide spectrum of indeustrial areas. ICT Express, published by Korean Institution of Communications and Information Sciences (KICS), is a quarterly archived open access journal providing researchers in the ICT field an opportunity to share their newest research results in a timely manner. Each submission will be reviewed by experts in the field. Once accepted, the provisional version will be published online within six weeks after the submission, and the final version will be published online within eight weeks. ICT Express cover the field of ICT convergence, platform technologies, communication networks, and device technologies. We invite short-length (up to 4 pages) high-quality, original articles that explicitly address the unique technical challenges encountered in the convergence of information and communication technology.

ICT Express is the official Quaterly archived open access journal of the Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences, Seoul, Korea. The purpose of ICT Express is to disseminate innovative technological ideas in the fields of ICT convergence, platform technologies, communication network, and device technologies. ICT Express welcomes all the submissions from professionals worldwide of manuscripts on original theoretical and/or experimental work of permanent reference value in the style of short-length high-quality articles.

ICT Express in an open access journal so that no subscription fee is required for every individual, and for the time being ICT Express offers every author who submits the manuscript free of charge for publication.