The Leader and the Largest ICT Institute in Korea

KICS is the largest ICT institute in Korea with over 26,000 members, 50 members, 8 domestic and 5 overseas chapters, and 30 specialized research groups. As the growth engine and leader of ICT in Korea that has achieved the greatest accomplishments in the world, KICS provides open networks for universities, corporations, government-affiliated agencies and research institutes to engage in academic activities, technical cooperation and policy reviews in the fields of ICT-based communications, broadcasting and ICT convergence industries. Today, with the upcoming future driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, KICS is opening a new future for ICT with the pride and passion that led Korea’s information and communications technology that amazed the world. KICS is at the heart of the limitless competition of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

KICS at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution

Major businesses

  • Hosting of workshops, training courses, and domestic/international conferences on ICT and its related convergence technologies
  • Operation of technical activity groups and conducting projects for exchanging ICT and its related convergence technologies
  • Publication of journals and technical magazines for ICT and its related fields of technology convergence
  • Technical exchanges and cooperation with government-affiliated agencies, research institutions, and domestic/international ICT-related organizations
  • Encouragement of academic researches and technical developments, as well as public acknowledgement of outstanding results
  • Research on the legislation of technical standards and terminologies
  • Other related businesses to achieve the objectives of KICS.