The number of SCI journals published in one nation is a good indicator of the gross national knowledge in science and technology area. It is the goal of this project that the JCN(Journal of Communications and Networks) published by KICS is acknowledged as one of the world best journals by being registered in SCI. This will help upgrading the research level and retaining knowledge and intellectual property in the area of Information and Communications in Korea.

JCN is published bimonthly and contains around 10 English-written papers per issue. All the papers, domestic or abroad, are solicited in the form of free submission, and the submitted papers are classified into 3 sub-areas, Communication Theory and System, Wireless Communication, Communication Network and Systems. The reviewing process is famous for its strictness, and performed by the editorial board, consisting of 84 internationally recognized scholars. Around 4000 volumes per each issue are distributed to the domestic and oversees subscribers. The number of paid subscription is gradually increased. The whole publication process including paper submission, reviewing, editing, and even subscription, is done electronically, and each subscriber can search and download the paper through web browser. JCN is technically cosponsored by IEEE ComSoc., the world largest technical society in the area of communications. Currently, the full cosponsorship with IEEE ComSoc. is under way.

JCN is recognized as one of the top journals in its area due to the quality of its papers, prestigious editorial board, fast but strict review, and efficient management. We strongly believe that JCN keeps stepping forward based on the success of being promoted to SCI from the year of 2005.